Dedicated to Conversation and Research on Philosophy and Race-related Issues

2021 virtual CONFERENCE

october 29 - 30th
















Friday October 29th, 2021


Opening Remarks - 9:30am

Session One - 10am

Moderator: Sameena Mulla, Emory University

Presenter: Elvira Basevich, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

"The Shared Experience of Oppression"


Session Two - 11am

Moderator: Kareem Joseph, Emory University

Corbin Covington, Northwestern University

"Black Utopias, Speculative Fiction, and Aesthetic Liberation: Where Blackness Goes to Die"


Lunch Break

12 - 2pm


Session Three - 2pm

Moderator: Aisha K. Finch, Emory University

Nathifa Greene, Gettysburg College

"Mill After the Jamaica Committee: Rethinking the Malleability of Character

and the Rule of Law as Indirect 'Define and Rule' Colonialism"


Session Four - 3pm

Moderator: Chris Cuomo, University of Georgia

Ernesto Rosen Velásquez, University of Dayton

"Anzaldua as a Colonial Subject"


Memorial Session for Charles Mills

5 - 7pm 


Falguni Sheth, Emory University


Devonya Havis, University of Buffalo

Linda Martín Alcoff, CUNY / Hunter College

Larry Blum, University of Massachusetts Boston

José Jorge Mendoza, University of Washington



Saturday October 30th, 2021


Session Five: 10am

Moderator: Victor Bene, Emory University

Presenter: Miguel Gualdrón Ramírez, University of North Texas

"Fundamentals of Anti-Blackness in Latin American Thought" 


Session Six: 11am

Moderator: Mansi Hitesh, Emory University

Presenter: Michael Eng, Appalachian University

"The Chronopolitics of Race and the University in the Time of Ecological Crisis"


Lunch Break

12 - 2pm


Session Seven: 2pm

Moderator: Dana Miranda, University of Massachusetts Boston

Presenter: Grant Silva, Marquette University

"The Race-Class Strategy and a Less Racist Future?"


Roundtable on the Status of Race in Philosophy, 3pm


Mickaella Perina


Alia Al-Saji, McGill University

George Fourlas, Hampshire College

Eddy Souffrant, University of North Carolina Charlotte

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Mickaella L. Perina, Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Boston 

Falguni A. Sheth, Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Emory University